Richard Colvin
Executive Director/Lake Eustis Museum of Art

Robin Maria Pedrero paints the spirit and energy of life in rhythmic layers of color.  She responds to what catches her eyes and heart, personifying nature, and evokes a range of moods: 1) beauty, 2) mystery, 3) whimsy, and 4) combinations of the aforementioned. 

The artist has said “I use a symbolic visual language exploring both the visible and invisible creating a commentary on relationships and thoughts.”  Artists create personal languages of symbol and signs, seen in both representational and non-representational work.  Pedrero associates both into images that are captivating and unique.

Robin’s technique has evolved beyond her classical training into a style that emphasizes layered color.  This is a way to build rich hue into areas of color that dates back to the very dawn of easel painting with early oil paintings by both Italian Renaissance painters and notably in the northern Renaissance painter Jan van Eyck, where many films of semi-transparent color create deeply rich results.  The artist recognizes this: “I build layers making connections and a story comes forth and unfolds. The work evolves, and quite often by the time the painting is finished it has a history of stories interwoven in the layers.”  Layered color can also be seen in many significant Modern artworks, notably in the color field paintings of Mark Rothko.

Additionally, Pedrero’s work has a fresh and contemporary flavor, in contrast to its strong traditional technical strengths.  This unity of form and content is particularly refreshing in today’s contemporary art scene.

I was proud to host Pedrero’s paintings and sculpture at the Lake Eustis Museum of Art in an exhibition entitled DWELLING PLACES: Robin Maria Pedrero from September 18 – October 31, 2015.  The work was very well received both critically and in the community.

In addition to these aesthetic strengths,  Robin is an extremely professional and competent business person, qualities not always seen in creative individuals.
Richard D. Colvin
Executive Director/Lake Eustis Museum of Art



Listed as the"The Top Artists to Watch in 2013" by Annie Strack

Judy Polkow I'm so glad I discovered you and you work. It is so flowing and vibrant, and translucent with subtle layers of energy we don't usually see with our everyday eyes. It is full of the joy of our world. 


"Pedrero has absolutely, without a doubt, mastered the art of blissful color juxtaposition. " Chloe J. Roberts
Orlando Art Review

Shirley Strachan Kelly Mine came today and I want to thank you so much for the enclosed note and gift Robin Maria Pedrero!!! This far exceeded my expectations. Now I need to get my paint for the walls and then hang this beauty. You are so very, very talented!!!! Now I am saving for an original! 

Katy Wilson I received my print today and I got goose bumps! It is so beautiful and more! I am so excited to gift this to my daughter for Christmas and will be looking to order other prints. Your work is outstanding. Thank you so much for sharing your talent. I really appreciate your attention to detail in personally signing and labeling each print. 

Roxie Foster Beautiful....your art speaks to the soul...soothing


Robin Pedrero, a well-respected,  award winning  visual artist based in Orlando, was the featured speaker for the Fine Art Group of the Orlando Camera Club. Robin’s presentation addressed  the “Feat of Capturing Creativity.” She has a very organized presentation style and is a warm and engaging speaker. She explored the artist’s inspiration  as well as the power of collaboration between artists to enhance artistic growth. Robin explored blocks to creativity and solutions for addressing this issue. She brought  heart and soul and accessibility  to her presentation and as a result there was a lot of group interaction.

Susan Pelteson

Orlando Camera Club

Fine Art Committee Chair

Board Secretary

This scarf is amazing. Bought this for my mother-in-law and she absolutely loves it. Thank you so much!!!! Also, I appeciate all the step by step contact during the entire process. Would definitely order again.   - Amy


I recently had the pleasure of attending one of Robin's Mini Art Business Workshops and enjoyed it very much; for it not only opened my eyes to what I could be doing immediately, with things I already have, it also sparked many new ideas and a renewed eagerness to get started on them. A wealth of resources await, so don't hesitate! Wherever you are on your creative journey, I enthusiastically recommend "Robin's Mini Art Business Workshop" as an integral part of your artistic process.

All the best,

Megan Paquette Stepe

Gallery Director Seminole State College

I Love this very personal phone case that Robin did for me! Each picture represents something to do with my Mother who I lost a couple years ago and I and our love for the gardens and birds and nature..... Robin was so patient with me, and offered nothing but kindness as we worked on this together! Her prints are soooo beautiful I couldn't pick just one for my case so we came up with my favorite 5 pictures and here they all are together. ..she picked May Melody......little did she know my Birthday is in May!! How special this piece is each and every time I pick it up and look down at so much that represents my Mother and I. Robin is a wonderful person to work with. Blessings to her as she continues to paint very beautiful and 'magical' prints!! - Terri

Robin, your work is nothing short of amazing! I so enjoy "Steam", it is a beautiful piece of colorful poetry! I'm so happy to own a print of it! Many thanks to a wonderful artist. - Kelly

Lovely, I can't stop staring at it (art)...Thank You for sharing such talent! - Cheri Meyer

 Robin Maria Pedrero's art speaks to my every sense. Her talent is amazing.- Cindy Koch

A garden full of illusions just let your mind enjoy the beautiful garden with the light filtering through a vast array of amazing things that the "Mariposa" has the joy to see. Look closely and enjoy. I can escape into this garden Robin. Thanks! -Grace Salter

I dearly love my painting! It is so much more beautiful in person than on the computer. It was shipped timely and very well wrapped. I am one happy customer!!! - Jeri Thompson

I will share this, pass it on to someone who will pass it on to someone else. I am proud to be a part of the Make A Difference Movement!  Superb artist whose spiritual insight carries through her work. I will fill my space with her art! - Billy Savage

 A freaking AWESOME, artful coffee mug!!! This is absolutely GORGEOUS! -Leigh Dudenhoeffer

  I have a cell phone case with Robin's design & it is MUCH cooler than all that manufactured stuff! People comment on it all of the time, Use that as a testimonial! Carolyn Edlund


“You've hit your stride with "Daylight Has Spoken." The colors, the objects, done with great confidence. Overall there's life in the paintings. Flowers in full bloom needed the sun to do that; the bending reeds, the wind “ Chris Collins author Lillie of the Field



“This piece “Interlude” struck me with openness immediately, the world of the muse, where there are new frontiers to explore and where anything is possible” Melissa D Johnston



"Your work seems to reflect what is good in life. A pleasure to view." Tanya Richards Daigle


Your work is sublime in the truest sense of the word. 


Angelamaria Ferrari 



Greetings Robin,

I wanted to let you know my dad's reaction to his gift.

..... when he opened the portrait of himself as a young sailor, his eyes filled with tears and we all could tell he was really fighting openly weeping. My dad is not an emotional person and although he  was surrounded by family all day for his 80th, he remained emotionally intact until he saw the portrait. He was completely taken by surprise and overwhelmed.

Thanks so much for a job well done.




"Robin created beautiful portraits of our three children; each drawn between ages four and five.  Now with our daughter's picture completed we have the full set.  Robin captured her likeness and her sparkle.  These are portraits we will always treasure." 
Herb Williams (Attorney)


D. Renee Wilson,
Pedrero Art Review