My sketchbook at University of South Carolina

I received this message from Sketchbook Project

“Your book went to USC-Upstate

Just a quick note to let you know that your book was one of only a few hundred books that went to a special exhibition at The University of South Carolina in Spartanburg, SC.

Your book was in our NEW Bookmobile on the campus for all the students to enjoy! Thanks for helping us inspire young artists!

This weekend, your book will join back up with the 2018 tour in Atlanta.

Please note, this tour stop used our Analog Search system. This is your notification that your book was part of this special program.”

Shift - do you feel it?

This large painting is a new oil which I've title "Shift". Can you feel it?

shift robin maria pedrero.jpg

Steal of the Month August

I've done many Steal of the Months. SOTM previously on fb, my pocket full of colors blog, and in events so I thought I'd try it here on my website blog and see how easy it is for bidders. Ok Let's try it. 

Fluent rmp.jpg


LISTED at 425.00

Size (h w d): 11 x 14 x 1 in

  • Medium: Acrylic On Canvas

  • Subject Matter: Bird and nature

DATES - start today - AUGUST 14th
END DATE - AUGUST 26th (that's a SUNDAY) 
BID by commenting in this post.

OK GO!!! 


fluent real.jpg

I just did a double take - The image on top was the piece previously - it is now a brown bird. PLEASE TAKE NOTE

Making My Way

I seem to be continually on an artistic journey as I  create. I've began working in oils at age 13. I created still lifes, figurative works and landscapes.  In my 20's through 30's I went into soft pastel portraiture. Next I began working in acrylics. And now I have embarked on oils again. Here's the latest titled "Making My Way" 

making my way robin maria pedrero art.jpg

Challenge yourself

The title of this painting is "Risky Robin". Why such a title? One thing is I have a thing for alliteration. Secondly is to encourage challenging myself and others, to move forward take chances in expanding the possibilities. It's about being wise but not fearful. I hopw that makes sense. 

risky robin art robin maria pedrero.jpg
risky robin insitu robin maria pedrero art.jpg
risky-robin-robin-maria-pedrero pillow.jpg

Title and why

Her Irises is titled as such because of the garden that my mother had when I was a child 

her irises robin maria pedrero art.jpg